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Founded in 2007, International Linguistic School strives to create an educational space that nurtures inquisitive, intelligent students who are concerned about the problems that people face and who are willing and able to take an active stand on civil and social issues, students who work for a better, safer world and who know and love their own culture and history while respecting the culture and history of other nations.

The school combines the Russian Program and the International Baccalaureate Program. Along with our intensive course of language preparation, we provide an individual approach to learning. Teachers focus on each student's success, creating conditions for the development of their natural talents. Our educational programs reflect the values of society and are aimed at personal development, provision of equal opportunity, economic prosperity, respect for democratic principles, and concern for protection of the environment.

Our school aims to develop our students' social, academic and cultural skills, and we value their creativity and enthusiasm for learning, which will help them to be successful in the future.

Our graduates - are leaders in life
Join us!

Olga Shevchenko, Principal, ILS


Международная лингвистическая школа
690106 Владивосток, Партизанский пр-т,44
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